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I am a physiologist and trained paleoceanographer that leverages a multidisciplinary perspective to unravel ecological problems. In particular I have extensive experience integrating physiological, biochemical and molecular tools to measure the responses of marine invertebrates and foraminifera to natural- and anthropogenically-induced environmental stresses.


Ecopysiology of foraminifera:

I am interested in advancing our understanding of the physiology of foraminifera in the modern ocean and using this to improve interpretations of the fossil record. I collaborate with Pincelli Hull's lab at Yale University and Gavin Foster's lab at the University of Southampton on projects addressing these questions. 


I also work on comparative physiology and taxonomy a variety of invertebrate groups including amphipods, polychaetes and mollusks. 

Peabody Museum of Natural History Division of Invertebrate Zoology

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